Bahama Mamas 5 pound package

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A creation from our German meat packing family who possess over 120 years of sausage making experience. The Bahama Mama is a fully cooked natural hickory smoked sausage made from specially selected lean cuts of beef and pork, blended with our secret spice pack formulation. The Bahama is a natural cased Old-World product. The spice level is moderate so as not to hide the flavor of the quality cuts of beef and pork used.

2 reviews for Bahama Mamas 5 pound package

  1. Mr. Tracy Barker

    We discovered the Bahama Mama at the Zinzinnati Oktoberfest about 25 years ago. I’m telling you right now that this is the best sausage that you will ever put into your mouth. We load it up with sauerkraut, onion, and spicy mustard, and it is the bomb! Now we order many pack each year so we can indulge all year at our tailgates and other celebrations. We have shared with many friends and they all rave about the Bahama Mama! Highly recommend!

  2. Augustus Richardson

    I used to work at Schmidt’s sausage haus back in 1987, located in The Ohio Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I ate Bahama Mama every day for lunch. I can tell you that when I moved to Boston, Massachusetts…I missed these delicious sausages! To be honest with you, everything they make is so ridiculously GOOD!! i.e. the chili, waffles fries, homemade creme puffs, chicken salad, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. They really are very, very good! I am glad I found this website! I will definitely be ordering from this site regularly!! Eat Responsibly, this stuff is addictive!! Yes, it’s that GOOD!!

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